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Who Gets Nasal Polyps and Can They Be Prevented?

Not being able to breathe through your nose can be a total pain in the butt! I mean, it’s happened to all of us right? You wake up one morning, your nose is stuffy and you know the day is going to be a bit harder to get through. You can’t taste your food, and of course you can’t smell. So, are you simply experiencing sinusitis, a sinus infection, a cold… or do you have something a bit more serious like nasal polyps!

How Much CBD for Sleep We Need: The Best CBD Products for a Better Night’s Sleep

A lot of people have difficulty falling or staying asleep. CBD for sleep, or cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid derived from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) with science pointing towards its own capacity to help individuals sleep. People of all ages want sleep to remain healthy and get the absolute most from their own lives. But a lot of people throughout the United States experience sleeplessness and other sleep-related troubles.