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It’s Not The Common Cold, But It’s More Common Than You Think!

And you may be one of its victims and not even know it. Allergologist discusses the little known but highly bothersome phenomenon of the allergic cold.

Do you often have a runny nose, frequent bouts of sneezing at a particular time of the day, which sometimes may go up to 400-500 sneezes and a stuffy nose almost round the year? And have you resigned yourself to being stuck with this ‘common cold’ which does not seem to leave you?

Room Humidifiers: A New Way to Keep Dust, Allergy, and Asthma and Respiratory Symptoms Under Control

Pretty much everyone has seen dust floating around in their home, room or somewhere. And pretty much everyone would agree that if that dust is floating around, we’re probably breathing some of it, right? Breathing dust with all of its’ components (dirt, dust mites, mold spores, fibers, bacteria, etc) definitely makes allergy, asthma and respiratory symptoms worse for most people, so of course, filtering the air is a good idea to prevent that.

The A-Z Of Gluten Allergy

If you were to look for “Gluten-free” foods 10 years ago, it was difficult to find many options. However, the gluten-free food industry has dealt with several athletes that were diagnosed with a gluten allergy, and needed alternative foods to increase the variety of their meal planning. Not an easy task at the time. However, as the quest for nutritional options and education has emerged, many athletes are choosing to adopt a diet that was once considered restrictive with open arms.