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Masturbation in the Workplace: Why So Many Men Do It

Not surprisingly, there aren’t statistics kept on masturbation in the workplace, but anecdotal evidence suggests that this is an activity which has been on the rise in recent years. Behind closed office doors and in men’s room stalls, more guys are more frequently enjoying some sexual “me” time to make the 9-to-5 routine more enjoyable. Since masturbation can have a positive impact on penis health, this is a welcome trend – but the reasons for men taking matters into their own hands while at work go beyond keeping their members healthy.

Choosing a Dietary Supplement – Everything That You Need to Know

There are plenty of reasons why you should make a dietary supplement part of your everyday routine. Even when we eat three times a day, there’s a huge chance that we still fall short in meeting all 40+ nutrients that are body needs every day, and that is why we need a reliable multi-vitamins that can aid us in maintaining what our bodies require.