What is CBD Cream?

We also share some helpful tips to help people with arthritis understand how you can buy a CBD cream or ointment to help reduce pain. If you’re in a hurry, here are the best products and you can scroll down to read the full reviews.

While CBD oils and related products are still considered an emerging market, companies have already developed many ways to use cannabidiols for the benefit of the human body. Oils are still a popular way to take cannabidiols.

A few drops are instilled under the tongue of a person, and usually he begins to feel the positive effect after a few minutes. For people with arthritis pain, a topical solution may provide more effective results. For others, they can check out the best CBD oil here. Topical cannabidiol solutions often contain additional ingredients that are more effective in people with joint inflammation and pain. There are a lot of these products on the market, which can make purchasing difficult.

How was the List of Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain?

Before we take a closer look at the foods that can best reduce arthritis pain with cannabidiols, let’s first look at how the list of these foods has narrowed down. At the moment, the market is filled with a fairly impressive variety of CBD creams.

This makes it difficult for a person with arthritis to determine which cream is right for them. Buying the first CBD pain cream that pops up in the search may have little to no results. There may not be enough cannabidiols in the formula, or the product may be a substandard option overall.

It took a lot of research to compile a list of the best of the best. Blue Ribbon started by listing all the most popular the best CBD cream for arthritis pain brands and creams that people recommend online. This gave us a rather long list of products – we wanted to present a list of only the best.

We looked at a variety of factors associated with each of the products we looked at, allowing us to narrow down our list of the best CBD creams for arthritis. We looked at the following factors:

  • Where did the hemp use in the extraction process come from?
  • The type of extraction process used to produce the cannabidiol product.
  • Product type – Creams, lotions, and ointments are available.
  • Brand Reputation – Some brands are better known than others.
  • The type of processing equipment used in the cream production process.
  • Cannabidiol dosage indicated in the product.
  • Instructions for use indicated on the product label.
  • Company transparency – do they provide detailed information on ingredients?
  • Comments, reviews, and testimonials posted by customers who have used the products in the past.

I also looked at any added ingredients and found those containing artificial preservatives and chemicals a poor option for people with arthritis. After we looked at these factors, we were able to narrow our list down to five of the best CBD creams that can benefit people with arthritis.

The Best CBD Cream for Pain 2020

With so many of the best CBD creams to choose from, when a person wants to try CBD for arthritis pain, it can be difficult to find one particular brand that is truly effective and trustworthy. The confusion surrounding this process is understandable – which is why we chose to present only the five very best creams available today.

Each of these creams was selected based on several factors, including the manufacturing process, the source of the hemp, and more. These factors ensure that each option can provide the user with effective pain relief. Here’s what we recommend at Blue Ribbon:

CBD Ointment: High Quality Full Spectrum

The first cream we want to introduce in this post is Fab CBD Cream. This is one of the best options out there right now – with a brand that has earned itself a good reputation. This product is primarily advertised as a topical cream, although many people look at it as an ointment instead – especially because of its texture.

Fab CBD Cream is made from a range of organic ingredients. The manufacturer is transparent about the product, providing detailed information on the cannabidiol content, sources, and manufacturing process.

The product contains a dose of 600 mg of cannabidiol in each container. While not the strongest option on the market, it does provide an adequate dose to relieve mild to moderate pain symptoms. You can read the full review here.


  • Organic CBD Product: One of the most important features is the fact that Fab CBD Cream is made from organically grown hemp plants. This means you don’t have to worry about exposure to harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to your skin and body. Growing organically also produces a more potent cannabis strain that may contribute to more effective pain relief.
  • Added scent: For those who dislike the scent of traditional CBD oils and creams, a light scent with a red orange scent is added to this product.
  • Broader spectrum: Rather than include only cannabidiols, Fab CBD understands that there is more than cannabidiol in hemp plants that help relieve pain and offer other benefits. The cream contains additional terpenes and cannabinoids, many of which also help in providing anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.
  • Produced locally: The cream is produced locally in Colorado, with full manufacturing process information provided by Fab CBD.
  • Lab Testing: Fab CBD Cream, like other products from the manufacturer, is subject to third party laboratory testing. This ensures that the consumer can receive a clean product containing only what is indicated on the label, without exposure to harmful chemicals, pesticides and other pathogens. Laboratory reports can be easily requested by the manufacturer.
  • Warranty: Fab CBD Cream comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives the consumer the opportunity to test the cream and see if it works for arthritis. If the buyer is not happy with the purchase, a refund may be issued.


  • The product is available at a very affordable price, especially when compared to some of the other more popular options.
  • CBD cream with THC, better for pain relief.
  • No pesticides are used to grow cannabis.
  • Lab reports are readily available from Fab CBD.
  • The cream has a light aroma that some may find useful.


  • The cream is available in only one flavor.
  • There is a restocking fee that applies when a customer uses a money-back guarantee offer.

There are many reviews of Fab CBD cream product. This allows potential buyers to better understand what others think of the cream.

Most people seem to be satisfied with the results, although some argue that the cream takes a while to show noticeable results. Thus, the client must make sure that they are patient enough when using this particular cream.

Chef Botanical Balm: CBD Pain Relief Cream

People on a budget and without severe pain should consider Cheef Botanicals Salve. This is a great starting point in the world of CBD products for treating arthritis and other pain conditions. The cream is readily available compared to a number of other brands but still has efficacy in helping to relieve mild pain.

The product does indeed use a special formula to ensure faster delivery of cannabidiol and other ingredients. The cream can also have a natural moisturizing effect on the user’s skin, which helps to reduce dryness in that area. It is not only a supplement that can help people with arthritis, but it has also been developed to aid in the muscle recovery process in athletes.

Cheef Botanicals allows customers to decide if they want to make a one-time purchase or rather opt for a subscription option. The subscription option provides for a monthly cream top-up at a discounted price per container.


  • Fast Acting Formula: Cheef Botanicals Salve contains a fast acting formula that is absorbed into the skin shortly after the ointment is applied. This helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area faster.
  • Laboratory Testing: The purity of a CBD product is critical, so it is always important to look at laboratory test results. Cheef Botanicals offers a complete overview of the lab results provided. These tests are performed by a third party laboratory. This ensures that the buyer can see how clean the product really is.
  • Free shipping. Another important feature is that Cheef Botanicals Salve comes with free shipping to US addresses. This helps reduce the overall cost of shipping the product to the buyer’s doorstep.
  • Warranty. Customers can take advantage of the 30-day warranty provided with the purchase of Cheef Botanicals Salve. During this time, an ointment can be used to see if it relieves pain. If there is no improvement, the empty container can be sent back to the manufacturer for a refund.
  • Added ingredients: The formula not only contains cannabidiols. Cheef Botanicals Balm also contains Fennel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Frankincense Oil, and more. These oils have a calming effect on the body, which can further help relieve the pain the user is experiencing.

Joy Organics Balm: Best CBD Topical Cream

Next on the list is the premium version from Joy Organics. Joy Organics Salve Balm offers a THC-free ointment that helps relieve pain in joints, muscles, and other parts of the body. The product comes in a small jar and is formulated with ingredients that help it absorb quickly – and act faster than some of the competitive options available.

Joy Organics Balm isn’t just a CBD product. The balm combines several different ingredients to create a multi-functional product. The cannabidiols in the ointment help reduce inflammation in the joints as well as support healthy joint function. Additional ingredients are also added to help improve the condition of the user’s skin and even help reduce muscle pain and cramps.

The price of the product is slightly higher than some of the alternatives, but it is generally still considered an affordable option, especially given the formula. Full lab reports are also available right on the product page. Read the full Joy Organics review here.


  • Multifunctional Balm: Joy Organics Balm combines cannabidiols, phytocannabinoids, aromatic essential oils and beeswax. The combination of these ingredients does more than relieve joint pain. It also soothes muscles, which is great after exercise and for people with associated muscle pain. It also contributes to better skin health.
  • Results of laboratory tests. Transparency is a key factor for Joy Organics, which is why the company provides the customer with a complete overview of the laboratory results associated with this ointment. The lab results are available as a downloadable report that provides a complete overview of the cannabinoids and other ingredients in the ointment.
  • Size options: The product is available in two sizes. The first is a one ounce can containing 500 mg of cannabidiol. The second is a large two-ounce jar with a total dose of 1,000 mg.
  • THC Free: The product goes through several manufacturing processes to ensure it is a THC free ointment. This ensures that the consumer is not exposed to a psychoactive compound known as THC, which is often found in cannabis plants.
  • Free shipping. US customers can get free shipping when placing an order for Joy Organics Salve.
  • Money Back Guarantee: There is a money back guarantee on your purchase of Joy Organics Balm. This gives the buyer more value for their investment, as a refund can be issued if the buyer does not believe the ointment reduces joint pain.

There are several testimonials from previous clients. Reviews are generally positive, we did not find negative reviews on the product. People also seem to think that the slightly overpriced price is worth their investment.

CBD Topical Balm

The next option on our list is from the CBDistillery brand. CBDistillery Topical Balm is a balanced product providing a decent dose of CBD along with some added ingredients for more health benefits. At the same time, the manufacturer guarantees that it can provide a product at a competitive price.

CBD may be useful either as as treatment for a specific illness or in a smaller dose for maintenance of good health. Usually, CBD is taken by mouth as oil drops or a powder that dissolves in water, or made into a food to be eaten. Another form of CBD is used on the skin as the oil or a cream to rub in. CBD is popularly taken in the ‘vape’ method (from the word “vapor”), with the CBD is heated so it can be inhaled. This method is favoured because the effect is felt sooner than by other means. Patients who need long-lasting relief from pain or other symptoms such as nausea, may combine two methods: for example, first vape and then eat a food made with CBD.

Source: Wikipedia

In addition to the 500mg CBD found in every can of CBDistillery Topical Ointment, the formula also contains a wide range of complementary oils. These include coconut oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, apricot oil, and more. Certain ingredients in the product use a special antioxidant CO2 extraction method to help produce pure extracts for more effective results.

The company behind this product also enjoys a well-deserved reputation among CBD users in the United States. The brand has been offering a wide variety of CBD products for half a decade now, and many people have come to trust the quality and purity of its products. Read the full review here.


  • Unique Formula: CBDistillery Topical Ointment has a unique formula compared to other options on the market. The product not only contains cannabidiols. It also contains additional ingredients that help moisturize skin, soothe aching and stiff muscles, and benefit sore joints.
  • Dosage: Each can of this topical ointment contains 500 mg of cannabidiol, which is extracted using the CO2 method to increase purity and quality. This ensures that the user is able to get the benefits expected from a product that contains CBD as an active ingredient.
  • Trusted Brand: Over the past few years, the CBDistillery brand has become one of the most recommended companies selling CBD products in the United States. Their reputation shows that the company is capable of producing quality products that always deliver results.
  • Longer Money Back Guarantee: Most CBD products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. For many people, this time may not be enough to fully appreciate the effectiveness of the product. CBDistillery Topical Salve has a longer 60-day money-back guarantee. This allows the customer to test the product for longer before deciding if it is a custodian.
  • Natural farming methods: The hemp used in the topical CBDistillery ointment is grown using advanced methods to produce a safer, cleaner oil. It also means that you are not exposed to toxins or chemicals.

CBD Lotion for Pain: Wide Selection

The last option on our list is not just a cream, but a brand that offers a range of topical solutions. If you are looking for something more versatile in your selection process, then cbdMD creams and topical products may be the perfect option for you.

You can choose from several options. This means that you can determine what you need and then select the product that suits your requirements. The product range includes Freeze Rollers, Premium Revitalizing Cream, and Revitalizing Ointment. They are all available in varying degrees of strength, giving you flexibility in terms of how powerful a CBD product should be.

The prices are relatively affordable compared to other companies on the market. In fact, it might be one of the more affordable brands if you compare the mg of CBD used in the products and the price of each. Visit here for a complete cbdMD review.

Here are a few things people should consider if they want to buy a CBD cream:

  • Ingredients. First of all, take a closer look at the ingredients. There are many CBD creams and they all have their own formulas. The person must make sure that no chemicals are added to these products that can be corrosive to their skin. It is advisable to prefer a cream that uses natural or organic ingredients.
  • Hemp Source: When purchasing a CBD cream, it is important to consider where the hemp comes from. Hemp is grown all over the world, but when it’s not grown in the same country as the production process, the brand doesn’t have as much control over the growing process. If a person buys from the United States, they must ensure that the hemp is grown and purchased locally. Some companies also have their own plantations.
  • Laboratory testing. It is also important to obtain results from third-party lab tests. The individual must ensure that the tests are not carried out in the manufacturer’s own laboratory. Instead, tests should be performed in a third-party laboratory. The tests will provide a report of all connections that are contained in the product. The report can be used by the customer to confirm that only the ingredients mentioned are actually present in the formula.
  • Brand: It is important to consider the brand that makes CBD cream. There are quite a few different brands that make these products and the quality of their products varies. Always pay attention to brand reputation. It’s always a good idea to read content posted by customers about a brand.
  • Return Policy: Sometimes a person might buy a CBD cream and it doesn’t fit. These products may not be too expensive, but they may not be too cheap either. Thus, the person does not want to spend money on a product that they end up throwing away. A return policy often allows a person to return a purchased item if it doesn’t work. Most companies offer a one-month return policy. It is also important to read the terms and conditions related to the return policy.
  • Shipping Policy: It is also important to review the shipping policies. The person needs to make sure that the company they want to buy from can deliver to their location. It’s also important to consider shipping costs. Some companies offer free shipping while others charge extra.
  • Prices: It is very important to estimate the cost of arthritis CBD cream. The price tags for these products vary widely. A person needs to figure out how much money they can spend on a CBD cream and then decide which option is best for them.

How does CBD Cream Work for Pain?

There are many studies looking at how CBD products can be beneficial for people with arthritis and other pain conditions. One of the latter was published in the Journal of Current Opinions in Rheumatology. The research paper explains that cannabinoids are indeed effective in reducing symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

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