Health Is The First Wealth

Being blessed with great health is all about wellness, which completely opens a new portal to go through, but before I open the wellness door, let’s get back to Health and Wealth. Look at the dichotomy, there are super wealthy people that are not happy, with themselves or the world around them, while there are many people around the globe that barely eke out a full meal a day, and have no running water, that seemingly with their laughter, smiling eyes, and general demeanor, showcase happiness.

While we all may want wealth, without great health, you are not going to enjoy it. Imagine being a multi billionaire, who is bedridden for extended periods of time due to various ailments. Health supersedes Wealth. With great health, you are always open to any options that make sense for you at that moment in time. These could be: new relationships, travel, positions, sports, etc. With great health, you are never worried about anything on the physical plane, as your confidence raises your bar, higher and higher.

So how does one get great health if not born into it, and I am not being facetious, as not everyone has good health and the statistics bear it out. The one that continues to impact me the most is that two thirds of Americans are obese. While I understand the problem, the solution is what we should be focused on for long term success.

The solution starts with the individual, as ultimately without internal acceptance and a contract within the person, homeostasis will always bring that person back to their original comfort zone. People by nature, do not like change.

Everything starts with education and a vitality wellness program, customized for the individual. Are you in one? Do you eat well, using nutritional guides to keep you on track? Do you take supplements? Do you stay hydrated? There are so many questions that need to be answered for a real starting point for even a basic program to choose and follow.

I can tell you from personal experience that today’s mass produced food is fairly devoid of any true nutritional value and unfortunately laden with GMOS, hormones, additives, and no telling what else.

In honesty, I am not sure what would have happened to my health over a long period of time, had I not taken nutritional supplements, going back to my twenties.

I have learned a lot over a fifty year period in regards to supplements, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, antioxidants, and ingredients not typically found at local grocery stores. The key lesson learned was that time changed everything, with the technology, ingredients, and final formulations. Today I understand that many of the nutritional pills taken internally, do not break down sufficiently to be absorbed by the cell walls, and in many cases pass through the digestive system in whole.

Let me ask you a question. “If you understand what I just said and I told you that I know of a company that guarantees an eighty five percent absorption rate into your cells for greater nutritional value, would you not have an interest in learning more about that company?

The greatest benefit of this nutritional program is their support at any level. Let me explain. Since I work within this industry, I am always asking people, one, if they take supplements of any type, and two, what is your average monthly expense for these supplements? My findings are that the average person spends around $ 50 to $ 60 a month on what they consider decent brands of multivitamins and minerals.

I always say great for being conscious enough to take supplements over and above what you eat, as we already described what we are not getting in our food. My next step is education on why we are different than other brands. With a background in sales and marketing, I have always been a product junkie. The story is always the point of difference, blending in everything supporting the product. Always be on the lookout for each product’s unique story and point of difference with similar competitive products. If there is no point of difference, why bother.

Our foundation with nutritional supplements is based on science. We have a proprietary and patented delivery system that was absorbed from the drug industry, and is the driving force in getting the high eighty five percent absorption rates that we mentioned. We know that many of you take at the very least, vitamins and minerals. Minerals in traditional supplements can also trigger massive free radical activity during digestion. These free radicals can cancel out the benefits of antioxidants.

There is always a battle waging between Antioxidants and Free Radicals, as the two balance each other out. It is always preferable to have a higher number of Antioxidants than Free Radicals, as antioxidants neutralize the inflammation caused by Free Radicals. Free Radicals are what cause aging, as they are constantly stealing oxygen electrons from themselves, and in the process, causing inflammation and damage.

Earlier I mentioned that one of the key reasons for my support of this program was the attention to any level of interest and the ability to start basic and work your way up to higher levels of nutritional insurance.

Our Basic Nutrition Pack has four areas of protection: vitamins, minerals, cardio protection, cell protection, and intestinal digestive health, while the Rolls Royce of the program intensifies to twelve sectors of protection: vitamins, minerals, cardio protection, cell protection, and intestinal digestive health, and additionally take care of your heart, brain, eyes, and joints. This total health coverage comes in specific formulations for men and women, as well as adults over 50, which need a different set of health coverage parameters. It offers complete head to toe coverage at an unbeatable value. For those of you looking to reach the pinnacle of performance, your customized pack is right here.

What I have personally noted and discovered as major benefits, was the increase in overall energy and the loss of most of my mild joint pain. These two alone are well worth the effort and to my surprise, continue to be the same testimonials by anyone using our nutritional system.

The point cannot be made any clearer. Even spending your whole paycheck at the high end hybrid grocery stores is not going to get you the quality of nutrition that you feel you are getting. The soil is depleted and the scenario is going to get worse as the world population continues to climb.

We started out with a simple premise, Health Is The First Wealth. Some of us were blessed with great health, some of us ruined our health, and some have always had issues with health due to family genetics, etc., but it does not matter which group you associate with, we all need nutritional supplementation.

Having conducted numerous seminars on the subject of the Road of Life, I have always used cars as a way of defining who we were on the road. I have always considered myself a Porsche 930, and know that what I put into my mouth is critical fuel for the Porsche’s engine. I know that if I use bad fuel, my engine is going to knock and run at less than optimum performance, so I go out of my way to find the highest octane possible for greater performance, especially when I need that burst of speed, and feel the energy generated by the nutrients.

The Nutritional program I just shared is high octane fuel for my healthy body and know that it will give me the health coverage needed for years to come. Test drive the fuel that fits your lifestyle and get into a solid maintenance program that ensures you keep your great health, for as long as you live.

If you have less than great health, this program will at the very least, get your body markers back on track and give you a fighting chance to restore most, if not all that was lost in the process.

A clinical study supporting this nutritional system showed increases in Resistance to inflammation and HDL cholesterol, with major decreases in Free Radicals, heart rate during physical activity, blood pressure, in both systolic and diastolic, triglycerides, fasting blood glucose, and LDL cholesterol.

What more can I say? When you have science supporting the facts behind the product range, we are already ahead of the curve. Do not let another day go by without contacting me for further information and documentation. This could be the last nutritional program you need for the rest of your life. Your body needs premium fuel and this nutrition program delivers exactly what you expected.

When you contact me, ask me about Peak Performance.