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Night Terrors in Adults - With 4 Ideas to Eliminate Them

Night Terrors in Adults – With 4 Ideas to Eliminate Them

We all know sleep is probably one of the most important things you can do because believe it or not sleep actually washes away toxins from your brain. There are studies that prove this. Sleep is when your body heals itself, so when you are terrified it doesn’t help you get this valuable rest that you need.

You might be thinking well it sounds like a nightmare, but they are different according to some experts. Nightmares take place in the second half of sleep during dreaming. Some people remember their dreams and some have more of a difficult time.

Within 15 minutes of falling asleep, a person probably will enter their deepest sleep, which lasts 45 minutes. Then they transition into a lighter sleep. Some people get stuck in between stages and experience a period of partial arousal.

At this stage, someone can sleepwalk, be very confused and this is where true sleep terrors take place.

Also when someone is experiencing a night terror it’s usually best not to wake the person because it tends to prolong the event. You do want to ensure the person doesn’t hurt themselves possibly moving furniture away from them and turning on the lights may be calming.

There are many things that could cause this problem such as medication. Stressful life events could cause it as well as sleep deprivation and erratic changes to the sleep pattern.

One of the best ways to stop night terrors is to eliminate what is causing them. Possibly stop taking prescription drugs or make changes to them.

Have a set sleep pattern and stick to it. You can reduce stress in your life by sprinkling lavender oil on your pillow when you go to sleep.

A study in Britain tested the effects of lavender oil with 12 females with insomnia compared to a placebo. The ladies with lavender oil fell asleep more easily and their quality of sleep was better.

Another idea is to try kiwi fruit. In a study at Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University, 24 people with sleeping problems took 2 kiwi fruits right before they went to sleep for 4 weeks.

The result was the amount of time it took to fall asleep fell by around 35%. Sleep quality improved by around 42%.

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