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Trouble Sleeping At Night - Try Zero Gravity

Trouble Sleeping At Night – Try Zero Gravity

If you were able to clear the gravitational pull of the Earth’s atmosphere your body might thank you. No more pressure, just the total freedom to float around the cabin. Entirely weightless, it would take relatively little energy and effort to perform your everyday tasks; And how you would sleep. If only, you might think… If only my body could feel like this back on Earth perhaps I wouldn’t have so much trouble sleeping at night.

Well, go jump in the deep end of a pool. Relax your muscles and closely observe how your body responds. It will assume a fetal position, knees drawn up with arms out front. It’s the body’s line of least resistance to pressure. An astronaut in space will similarly adopt this posture. It’s called the Zero Gravity position.

With the arrival of the space shuttle program and after exhaustive research, NASA made certain that astronaut seating had replicated that position and that would assist the human body overcome the incredible G-Forces during take off. All of their research eventually found itself utilized by specialty seating, and bedding businesses. The popularity of the Zero Gravity/adjustable bed concept took off and it has been climbing ever since!

These Are Not Your Parents Adjustable Beds!

In the past adjustable beds have endured a mixed reputation. To some, they evoke a hospital stay, and to others they are a product for the elderly or infirm. Not ready for that? Well if you’re looking for great sleep you just might want to keep an open mind because true zero gravity sleeping is a wonderful experience. You’ll need a modern pressure relieving, preferably foam mattress sitting atop an adjustable foundation. If you already have the mattress you’ll need only to purchase the adjustable part or you can buy a complete package from your bedding retailer. Lay on one on your back and with the use of the remote raise the foot portion until you can feel the release of pressure from your lower back, then raise the head portion slightly to complete the mattress angles. If you have the right bed it will have already molded itself to your exact shape and that combined with subtle elevation will complete the picture. With practice you will become a back sleeper. That’s much easier on an adjustable bed because with the head raised your breathing will improve and instead of putting all of your body’s pressure on to a shoulder it will be equally distributed across the width of your back. Sound good? Try it and perhaps trouble sleeping at night may just become a thing of the past!

Ellis Stone

Ellis Stone

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