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Dental Veneers - Advantages, Disadvantages, and Cost

Dental Veneers – Advantages, Disadvantages, and Cost

Further, the cost of veneers often depends on the material used and also on the kind of after-care offered.

The cost may vary from place to place, so you should not expect to be charged the same everywhere for veneers. They offer a natural tooth appearance and this is one of the major reasons of their popularity. Since they are made of porcelain, gums tissues don’t have any problem tolerating them. These veneers are stain-resistant so help people have a brighter and dazzling smile forever. The best part, you can select the color of veneers, and this way, the dark teeth can be made to look whiter with ease.

Unlike crowns, veneers won’t need an elaborate shaping and this helps them become a stronger and superior aesthetic alternative. However, there are some downsides to veneers and nothing among them is as prominent as the irreversible nature of the process. This means they can’t be repaired once they get cracked or chipped for any reason whatsoever. More so, the enamel is removed when veneers are fitted and this can make the tooth more sensitive to hot and cold foods. This enhanced level of sensitivity can also be felt with drinks. Once in place, they remain unaltered and you should keep this in mind.

Further, you are advised to get any tooth whitening done beforehand as once veneers are fitted, you can’t enjoy this feature.

And in such cases, there may be a mismatch of color in your teeth. If proper care is not taken, then your veneers might dislodge and fall off but such cases are least likely where the dentist’s recommendations are duly followed. So, you should avoid putting in between the teeth hard objects or exerting too much pressure on the teeth. Also, decay can still happen even if you have fitted veneers and you should keep this in mind.

In addition, you are recommended not to go for veneers if you have either unhealthy or weakened teeth or lack enamel on the tooth surface. Those who grind or clench their teeth should not tread this path as with that, chances of veneers getting chipped or cracked remain higher. But yes, you won’t need any special care with dental veneers as your routine oral care will suffice. Further, crowns and bonding are some superior alternatives to veneers and you should give them a try to get superior results for your teeth.

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