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Periodontal Disease

Talking in Detail Regarding Periodontal Disease

As far as a dentist is concerned dental health is not restricted to only the shape and texture of teeth. They are also concerned for the other parts of the teeth especially our gums, a structure which is the resting place for teeth. Periodontal disease is a dental condition which directly impacts our gum. The problem if left untreated can lead to gingivitis, which makes the gums to be inflamed, red and sore, to an even serious condition periodontitis, in which the condition of gum deteriorates so much so that the teeth might have to be extracted.

The damage caused by periodontal disease and the level of misunderstanding of this dental problem, makes it important that patients should be aware of the start of this disease. If you get any sort of weird feeling in your gums then its best to visit the nearest periodontist, however we also insist that you read the following points which will extremely helpful for you to understand the oral condition.

The periodontal disease is caused because of bacteria which are born in our mouth. Our mouth is the best place for them to grow because it is warm and wet, making it a perfect environment for their birth. Now, when we start eating, these bacteria will team up not only with the food debris but also with mucus and saliva to give birth to plaque. Plaque is a colorless yet sticky film which will cover up the teeth and can be cleaned only with the help of brushing and flossing. If you skip on this part and become lenient towards brushing and flossing, plaque will harden and take the form of tartar. Once tartar is formed then you cannot remove it simply by brushing and flossing. You will have to set up and appointment with a dentist, who with the help of scalar will scrap the tartar.

Bacteria and Tartar left in place leads to collateral damage. Your gums will be swollen; they will bleed more and will be red. Bleeding and redness will be higher when you will brush your teeth. Although this is not the start of periodontal disease but it’s still the beginning of gingivitis. Gingivitis can be treated if you consult a dentist at the right time failing which it will take the form of the severe periodontal disease. Your gums will start to pull away leading to pocket formation and thereby these pockets become affected. With the help of bacteria in plaque which gets accumulated in these pockets, the bones and supporting tissues will become weak and will eventually break down.

So make sure that whenever your gums start bleeding or you see redness in your gums visit a periodontist before a normal gum condition turns into horrific periodontal disease.

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