Who Gets Nasal Polyps?

What Are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps are non-cancerous growths in the nose. They are tear-dropped shaped and take on many different sizes. They often look like little clusters of grapes. They are pinkish, brownish, or yellow in color and they are actually pretty common.

Who Can Get Nasal Polyps?

Actually, anyone can get these nasty things! But, statistics show that women are more likely to develop the condition than men are. Also, people who have chronic sinusitis, frequent sinus infections, bad allergies, and people who are allergic to aspirin tend to be more prone to developing polyps. – And plenty of studies have shown this.

Can These Growths Be Prevented?

Well, this is a good question. Nobody can really say for sure there is a definite method to guarantee that you will never develop polyps. However, there is one way to greatly reduce your chances of getting them. – Especially if you suffer from chronic sinusitis, allergies, and have sinus infections on a regular basis. – And this method is all-natural at that! Personally, I recommend it for everyone, and most doctors I’ve talked to about it think it is great for keeping your nose healthy. So what is it? – Nasal irrigation. What you want to do, is simply go to any drug store and purchase a nasal irrigation kit. These kits are very easy to use. They come with a plastic bottle and some saline packets. Simply mix the saline and purified water into the bottle, and gently squirt or pour (depending on the kit) it through your nostrils. This will immediately wash out debris and allergens from your nose. You will notice almost instantly how much better you can breathe.

You will notice by using the nasal irrigation kit, or nasal rinse, that you can breathe better, have fewer sinus infections, and have a better quality of life. – And if you are like me, you may actually notice that your sleep improves because you can breathe better!

As always, consult your doctor before trying to treat yourself. Especially if you are on medications or have other medical conditions.