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Top 5 Reasons Why You're Having Acne

Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Having Acne

1. Hormones

Most people have their first experience of acne during their puberty or adolescent stage. It is because it is during this stage when the body begins to produce more of the male hormone from the adrenal gland. This hormone triggers the sebaceous gland to produce more oil (also known as sebum).

The problem with sebum is that it also acts as glue to dead skin cells and bacteria, causing blockage to the hair follicles. Acne results from this blockage.

2. Heredity

You are most likely to develop acne if you have a family history of it. It is believed that the size and activity of the sebaceous gland are affected by one’s genes.

This doesn’t mean though that you will immediately get acne once you have these ‘acne genes.’ What these studies only suggestion is that it’s most likely for one to develop acne if they have a family history of it.

3. Diet

Initially considered as a myth but several studies suggest that one’s diet is a strong contributing factor to the development of acne. In some studies, it was shown that a diet high in a glycemic index like sweet and processed food, milk and milk products, and chocolates can lead to an increase in the production of sebum and inflammation of existing acne.

4. Use of Wrong Skincare Products

There are some skincare products that strip away the skin’s natural moisture, leaving the skin dry. This triggers the sebaceous gland to produce more oil to lubricate the skin. Eventually, there will be too much sebum clogging the hair follicles.

Skincare experts suggest the use of mild, non-comedogenic products that suit your skin type. It is also suggested not to wash the face too often as this leaves the skin dry.

5. Use of Certain Drugs

Drug-induced acne is a specific type of acne caused by certain medications. These include steroids, hormones (both estrogen and testosterone), calcineurin blockers, aromatic anticonvulsants, and psychotropic medications. These drugs are believed to influence toll-like receptors leading to the development of acne.

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