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Dispelling Myths About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

There are many myths surrounding male pattern baldness. For example, wearing hats does not bring on baldness, nor does it come exclusively “from your mother’s side of the family.” Generally, balding in men is caused by increased exposure of follicles in the scalp to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT causes the pores in your scalp to shrink slowly over time and eventually disappear entirely. The smooth, shiny look of a bald scalp partially has this shrinkage to blame.

Here are some other myths about baldness and hair replacement that need to be dispelled.

Your Mane Won’t Look as Real

Trying to disguise hair loss is often the joke in a movie or on a TV show-a character is made fun of for having a wig or toupee that looks like a “mop” or a “dead animal.” While this is still a running joke, there have been advancements in the hair replacement industry that have led to more natural-looking wigs and toupees. These look and feel just like your real mane, and can be washed and styled the same way.

If you’re still not convinced, there are plenty of other non-surgical hair replacement procedures that use your existing follicles to create a fuller mane and a more cosmetically pleasing frontal hairline.

For example, laser therapy uses a low-grade, low-heat laser that penetrates the outer layer of your scalp and increases blood flow right under the skin. This increase in blood flow stimulates the growth of follicles, leading to more natural growth.

Some other therapies, like non-surgical grafts, transfer existing strands of hair from parts of your scalp that have better growth to the balding areas. These strands are deposited directly into the dermis, where your scalp continues to nourish them. The strands in these areas continue to grow just like in the surrounding areas.

My Hairline Won’t Look Natural

This is a common qualm with any hair replacement therapy. However, you need not worry. The specialists who perform grafts have years of training, and they use the latest technology to ensure that you look and feel as natural as possible.

Non-Surgical Options Aren’t as Effective

A surgical graft is a legitimate response to male pattern baldness. Thousands of people undergo this procedure every year and come out with fantastic results-a thicker, fuller mane, and a more defined outline. However, surgical grafts are neither the best nor the most effective choice for every type of baldness. This is true for individuals whose main problem is thinning or who have Type A alopecia, where cutting out small pieces of skin wouldn’t affect overall strand density. In these cases, wigs, laser therapy, or non-surgical grafts can actually be equally or more effective than a surgical procedure.

Some types of balding or alopecia cannot be addressed with today’s knowledge and technology. But hair replacement therapy can be effective for many people who suffer from these medical conditions. It is important to know the truth about what causes these conditions and what sort of results you can expect from treatment. Speak with a specialist to get the clearest picture of what can be done for your particular situation.

Ellis Stone

Ellis Stone

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